The near future

The near future

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Moore’s law is still alive (as the speed of recent processors double the speed of those a couple of years ago) and several industries have found themselves obliged to make changes in order to survive in the high competitive world of technology. However, anybody has stopped to think where this constant development is leading humanity.

I myself thank every day that I live in this world, and not in the one of one hundred years ago. I wonder how would my life be like, and the only answer I can come up with is boring. This is why I feel happy in the world I live in (maybe if I knew how the world will be like in 50 years I wouldn’t be so happy) and I have never even doubted whether technology evolution is actually good.

This discussion came up while I was talking about the near future, in which robot taking up jobs, as they are more cost effective, and perform the job better (they don’t make mistakes, they don’t need to rest…). We began to look for solutions to this problem. I thought that these people would have to find another job (as new jobs would also be created),  or that the government could invest on financial aid for them. I was still wondering when a friend of mine said: “If we know for certain that this will happen, we should immediately stop the evolution of technology or, at least, make it slower”. I was speechless, as it had never even crossed my mind. It was too absurd to be even considered.

To decide whether this idea is actually beneficial, I decided to evaluate its pros and cons. The positive part would not only be that so many jobs wouldn’t be lost, but also there will be an improvement in health, as we would stop being so stressed and living hectic lives. On the contrary, the benefits of  not applying the change are obvious: technology will continue improving our lives, as this is its objective.

Personally, I still think this idea is actually not realistic, but you would be surprised to know the number of people who would actually support it. I know a few of my teachers who would be more than happy if this went forward, as well as my grandmother!


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